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In 2005, on a trip to London, Dr. Cabral was working on developing a name for a brand new science-based diet plan (being created for his private wellness clients) that was also soon to be published as a book.

The name had to include “Fat Loss” in it since that is what the media and general population understand losing weight to be, but he wanted it to represent what true fat loss really was...

You see, forcing your body to lose weight should not be the goal. The reason is, short-term weight loss plans may lead to rapid weight loss, but can very often be followed by even more rapid weight gain...

The fat loss answer you’ve been searching for is boosting metabolic rate. This is what truly allows you to eat normally, move your body without overtaxing it, and enjoy life at the same time.

Much of what the Fatlossity™ system was in 2005 still remains with one major addition…

Our groundbreaking, 24-hour weight loss formula is the first to combine the best of ancient healing practices from across the world, with well-researched science to address the top 5 underlying metabolic disturbances that are preventing you from losing those stubborn pounds.

In addition to these powerful Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT supplements, you will also receive bonus materials that fortify your weight loss plan to ensure maximum—and long-lasting results:

  • Anti-inflammatory Fatlossity™ diet plan
  • Fatlossity™ fat loss food list
  • Thermogenic meal planner
  • Healthy blood sugar balancing plan
  • Hormone balancing protocols
  • The top toxins to remove cheat sheet
  • Deep sleep protocol
  • Fatlossity™ exercise plan (customizable)
  • Filling, nutritious & delicious recipes


The world’s first-ever DAY & NIGHT, 24/7 fat loss system that addresses the top 5 imbalances that are preventing you from losing weight and keeping it off forever.


Turn up the Heat to Burn Fat

Thermogenesis is another word for heating the body up and turning it into a calorie-burning machine. Although burning calories is not the end-all, be-all to losing weight it does matter... And this is why we use highly thermogenic herbs in our Fatlossity™ products.

This is something Dr. Cabral discovered while overseas on his multiple Ayurvedic Internships while studying for his Doctoral degree in Naturopathy. The clinics varied in location and patient types, but when it came to helping obese and overweight clients lose weight, highly thermogenic spices like pippali (Trikatu) were used to quite literally heat up the body and burn the fat off.

In the Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formulas, you will notice these powerful thermogenic herbs like ginger, cayenne, and black pepper extract renowned for their thermogenic effects.


Balance Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

One of the key factors in burning body fat is your body’s innate ability to know when to burn fat for fuel. And, the only way to do this is to ensure blood sugar levels are stable.

What happens is that if your glucose (blood sugar) levels spike too high at any point during the day you will burn more sugar for fuel or at least be more inclined to store more body fat. This is because when glucose levels increase the body gets a signal to store more body fat.

So, if you have chronically high blood sugar, your chances for burning considerable body fat are very low. This is why we make a point to focus on balancing healthy levels of blood sugar in all aspects of the Fatlossity™ System.

Our goal is to provide you with the nutrition plan, intermittent fasting, movement, stress reduction, and specific nutrients and herbs that will make the biggest difference in your weight loss goals.

The core key ingredients we used to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar are chromium, vanadyl sulfate, zinc and selenium.


Rebalance to Drop Toxic Water Weight and Puffiness

Being an Integrative Health and Functional Medicine practice we get to see thousands of labs every year from women and men that have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off.

We have a unique first-hand perspective and an understanding that a person can be eating right and exercising and still not lose the weight -- this, of course, can be extremely frustrating for those experiencing this.

The good news is that when diet and exercise aren’t working, there are still other ways to increase weight loss naturally. One of those ways that are highly effective is to rebalance the hormones while naturally reducing appetite to normal levels.

Typically, this means allowing cortisol levels to fall naturally in the evening and enable estrogen to come back into balance with progesterone.

Lastly, a fully functioning thyroid is crucial to maintaining a strong metabolism all day long. This is exactly why we added specific daytime nutrients such as tyrosine, zinc, selenium, B6, Ashwagandha, Guggul, and iodine to boost thyroid function.

Plus, we included Diindolylmethane, B6, Magnesium, and healthy blood sugar minerals to re-balance female hormones. And finally, while in the evening you’ll get just the right amount of herbs to calm stress and cortisol for a great night of rejuvenating sleep (more on that in a moment).


Lower Levels and Let Go of Fat

One of the biggest overlooked reasons for not being able to lose weight is high cortisol levels. This coincides with chronic stress, pain, or inflammatory issues.

And, if your levels of cortisol remain high, your fat-burning hormone signals will quiet down and your body will actually begin to store more fat, especially around the belly. This is also why many people end up losing a fair amount of weight, but never lose the belly fat until they begin to address their elevated levels of cortisol.

In our Fatlossity™ formula we’ve added specific cortisol calming herbs and vitamins in just the right dosage and at the right time. That means we enable you to enjoy abundant energy during the waking hours with our Fatlossity™ Day formula and then we turn those cortisol levels down in the evening with Fatlossity™ Night.

By using scientifically studied herbs and nutrients like Ashwagandha, l-theanine, magnesium and zinc, your body will begin to naturally relax in the evening and calm the stress of the day.


Improve Deep Sleep to Use Fat As Fuel Overnight

Did you know that those who sleep less than 7 hours have higher levels of inflammation? And did you know those that get less than 6 hours of sleep have higher levels of fasting blood sugar?

Remember, about 1/3 of life is spent lying in bed and if you’re gaining weight during that time of ideal fat burning you’re missing out...

You may ask how could you possibly lose weight while you sleep? Well, the answer is you are actually in your highest fat burning zone while at rest! That means the greatest percentage of fuel burned overnight will be body fat as long as you are following the Fatlossity™ System.


Although we’ve mentioned a few of the clinically studied weight loss ingredients above, we also wanted to share with you more details on those as to how they pertain to losing weight.

Plus, we also wanted to debut 2 new patented fat loss ingredients used in the exclusive Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formulas.


It’s one thing to add all the proper metabolic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into one formula, but it’s a whole other level to know when they should be taken during the day.

The great thing is, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of this for you. Dr. Cabral has selected every nutrient in these formulas, worked with the top US manufacturer, and then had every batch tested to ensure it was clean and clear of contaminants like heavy metals.

This is the same Fatlossity™ formula Dr. Cabral uses with his family and private wellness clients and now it can be yours to take advantage of and to get those same weight loss and metabolism results.


Although we recommend using the Fatlossity™ System for a minimum of 12 weeks to create your own Fatlossity™ Success Story, you will see the results within just 21 days.

Therefore, since we know you’re going to love your results, we are happy to offer a full, 60-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and we’re confident our Fatlossity™ System will do just that. Put us to the test, risk-free for the next 60-days and then send us your success story showing us your new body and smile!


We can’t wait for you to try Fatlossity™ to see for yourself how our exclusive DAY & NIGHT formulas are in a class all their own. Never before has a weight loss product actually deserved and lived up to the expectations -- so much so that it’s fully guaranteed to work for you.

So, if you’re looking to burn more fat, boost your metabolism, and create the body you’ve always wanted now is the time to take advantage of this special offer where you not only get the Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formulas, but you also get the full Fatlossity™ nutrition plan, metabolic movement guide, intermittent fasting plan, fat loss food shopping list, meal planner and much more.